Sideline Pro | Business Texting Features and Tips

Sideline Pro | Business Texting Features and Tips

Connect with more customers, manage work communication, and grow your business with Sideline Pro’s suite of business texting tools. Note: Some listed features are only available on iOS, with new features being added to Android soon.

Connect With More Customers

Include your Business Profile in your Smart Auto-Reply messages. Any time you miss a call, your customer gets a text message with all of your business info included.

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Save Time With Text Templates

In a world of instant gratification, being responsive to customers is key. Templates make your most common responses and messages available right from your keyboard.

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Send Marketing Text Messages

Your customers prefer to communicate through text—give them what they want. Start promoting special offers and sales using Broadcast text marketing messages

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Schedule Appointments Through Text

No-shows are a hassle and they cost you money. Stop losing revenue and confirm your appointments with Text Reminders.

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“Pin” Important Text Conversations

Keep important customers top of mind by pinning their conversation to the top of your inbox. Just swipe right on the conversation and tap the “Pin” icon.

Save “Drafted” Text Messages

Close your message without losing your place. When you return to your conversation, just tap the “Draft” text at the top of your inbox to continue right where you left off.

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