Cornering the Market: How Sideline Pro Helps Real Estate Agents Close More Deals

Cornering the Market: How Sideline Pro Helps Real Estate Agents Close More Deals


From simple features that help you achieve work-life separation to unique SMS Marketing tools, Sideline Pro comes equipped with everything you need to be more successful in Real Estate. Note: Some listed features are only available on iOS, with new features being added to Android soon.

Separate Work from Your Personal Life

Sideline Pro adds a business phone number—along with several other business tools—to your smartphone. It has patented, carrier-level call quality. Plus, custom call and text tones make it easy to differentiate work calls from personal ones without even looking. However, we’ve customized the incoming call screen for visual separation as well. 

Here’s how you can add your Sideline Pro number to your Zillow Premier Agent account:

1. Visit
2. Follow the prompts to complete the account setup process
3. Add your Sideline Pro number as your phone number

Launch a Text Marketing Campaign

Looking to increase attendance at your next open house or increase your positive reviews and referrals? Try using Broadcast to send individual text messages to as many as 50 recipients at once. You can even add your business logo for a professional, branded experience.

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Schedule New Showings With Text Reminders

Homebuyers and renters usually visit several properties at once; make sure your showing doesn’t get overlooked. Schedule automated messages days, or even weeks in advance to ensure that your clients are prepared when the time comes to show your listing. Check out our pre-written text examples to save yourself some time.

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Confirm Your Showings With Text Templates

You’re losing money with every missed appointment. What’s worse, if you don’t have any advance notice then you’re also losing valuable time that could have been spent helping another client. Save yourself time and money by confirming your upcoming showings in advance with Text Reminders.

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Save Important Information in Real-Time

So many clients, so many details, so little time! That’s why the Contact Panel automatically appears right after you hang up with a client. You can save contact details or take notes on the spot and cut out the guesswork later.

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Manage Your Work Hours

Bring balance to your work/life schedule. Forward calls to voicemail and silence notifications whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s simple:

1. Add your business hours to your Business Profile
2. Tap the Settings icon to access your “Do Not Disturb” preferences
3. Choose, “Always” or “Outside Business Hours