Feature Guide

Get to know the new suite of Sideline Pro features built to boost your business.

Note: Some listed features are only available on iOS, with new features being added to Android soon.

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Grow your income with text marketing.

With a 98% open rate, text marketing significantly outperforms email (which typically gets a ~20% open rate). Broadcast lets you promote yourself or your business with marketing texts that get delivered to groups of customers individually.

Try creating text campaigns about promotions, offers, announcements, events, or anything else your business needs to widely communicate. Browse our Template Library for more ways to utilize Broadcast.

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Schedule automated texts that save time and money.

You can chalk up missed appointments and follow-ups to lost income. With Sideline Pro, you can link your work calendar to Sideline to schedule reminder texts to clients or customers about their upcoming meetings and appointments.

You can even add your logo, business address, or other info to give customers a branded and professional messaging experience. Browse our Template Library for more ideas or set up reminders in your Settings.

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Contact Panel

Access the tools you need, right when you need them.

From complex CRM tools to sticky notes, managing customer details is a critical, yet time-consuming effort. The Contact Panel makes it easy to stay organized by letting you automatically identify new callers, save contacts, and take notes when details are fresh—right when you hang up.

Look for the Contact Panel next time you hang up with a customer.

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Send more, work less.

Templates enable you to save and reuse messages you frequently send to customers. Just tap the Templates icon on your Sideline keyboard to answer common questions, share business info, or relay your store hours in a single tap.

Customize your Templates with a logo and any message that meets your business needs.

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Professional Contacts

Separate. Smart. Simple.

Unlike the complex and expensive CRM tools, Sideline Pro puts you in control of your contacts in the simplest way—just use Sideline Pro for business contacts and your iPhone phonebook for everyone else. As you connect with new clients or customers, Sideline’s patented technology intelligently identifies and stores them in the right place so they don’t clutter your personal contacts.

With Sideline Pro, all your contacts are accessible via search, but stay separate so customers don’t slip through the cracks.

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Number ID

Know who’s calling.

Number ID automatically displays who phone numbers belong to so creating new Sideline Pro contacts (or avoiding unwanted spam calls) is a breeze.

When new people call, look to your display for a name such as “Maybe: Jane Doe.” You’ll also conveniently be able to see this name suggestion in your Inbox and text conversations.

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Remember all the details.

When a call ends, the Contact Panel lets you quickly jot down notes or reminders while conversations are fresh.

You can access, edit, or modify notes from a contact’s details screen at any time.

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Business Profile

Share your business info automatically.

Your Business Profile contains information that’s important to your customers—like website and appointment links, customer review links, hours of operation, and pricing details. Plus, you can add your own custom fields to suit your needs. The best part? You can make sure it gets delivered to your customers automatically every time you miss a call or text, with Smart Auto-Reply.

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Smart Auto-Reply

Make your customer reply rate 100%.

When clients or customers contact you, they expect a response. With Auto-Reply, you ensure they get an immediate text response, even when you’re too busy to answer. This lets them feel heard, gets them the information they need, and turns missed calls into business opportunities.

Include your Business Profile information to make every Auto-Reply a branded experience. Each message helps you stand out from the competition, look professional, and impress your customers. Enable it for missed calls or inbound text.

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