How Home Service Professionals Use Sideline Pro to Succeed

How Home Service Professionals Use Sideline Pro to Succeed


Use Sideline Pro as your dedicated work number to keep your personal line to yourself. Plus, professional texting tools let you reach more customers, improve your ratings, reply automatically to missed calls and texts, and share your business hours. 

Note: Some listed features are only available on iOS, with new features being added to Android soon.

Separate Work from Personal: Use Sideline for HomeAdvisor Pro

Among other business tools, Sideline Pro adds a work number to your smartphone with patented carrier-level call quality. A custom incoming call screen shows you when calls are for work. Plus, separate ring and text tones make it easy to differentiate calls without even looking.

Here’s how you can add your Sideline Pro number to your HomeAdvisor Pro account:

1. Access “My HomeAdvisor”
2. Add your Sideline Pro number as your phone number
3. Save your changes

Improve Your Ratings: Earn Reviews Through Text

Getting positive reviews is a great way to attract new customers. And Sideline Pro makes it simple to request reviews and referrals. Try creating a “Review Request” Template with your business logo included. Then, send it out to satisfied customers in a tap. Pro tip: including a special offer or discounted service rate in exchange for their review can help improve your response rate.

Want more tips on how to request and increase your online reputation? Check out our blog to learn more.

Increase Customer Connections: Enable Auto-Reply

Stop losing business just because you’re busy. Start automating responses to missed calls and texts with a personalized message of your choosing—you can even add your business logo for an added touch of professionalism:

1. Access your Settings screen
2. Enable Auto-Reply to Calls
3. Enable Auto-Reply to Texts

Manage Your Business Hours and Enable “Do Not Disturb”

Tired of receiving work calls after-hours? Forward calls to voicemail and silence notifications at your convenience. It’s simple:

1. Add your business hours to your Business Profile
2. Tap the Settings icon to access your “Do Not Disturb” preferences
3. Choose, “Always” or “Outside Business Hours