Plug the Leaks In Your Income Blog Post

Plug the Leaks in Your Income You Don’t Even Know You Have

Increase customer connections and reduce no-shows to keep your money flowing in the right direction.

Confirm Your Appointments

More than 18% of appointments are missed on average in the United States. That means no-shows can, and do, cost businesses over $100,000 per year. Enabling Text Reminders can reduce no-shows by as much as to 40%. If you’re looking to reduce no-shows and increase your revenue, start confirming your appointments with Text Reminders.

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Enable Auto-Reply

You’re losing business every time you miss a call or text. Automate your responses with a personalized message of your choosing—you can even add your business logo for an added touch of professionalism. Stop losing business just because you’re busy. Enable Auto-Reply for calls and messages today.

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Simplify Your Payments

Make sure you get paid on time and eliminate the uncomfortable conversations by sharing invoices through text. Or, schedule payment reminders in advance and follow up with a confirmation message. Read more below to learn how.

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