Auto-Reply Text Examples

Auto-Reply Text Examples

Turn missed calls or texts into an opportunity to engage 3x more customers. Easily copy/paste the messages below. Replace the bracketed text with your custom details.

Quick Links: Away/Busy Messages, Convert Calls to Texts, Personal Hours, Share Information



Let customers know you’re busy.


You’ve reached [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. We can’t get to the phone at the moment but someone will get back to you soon.


Thanks for calling [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. We’re busy with another customer. Reply “Call me back” and we’ll reach out when we’re free. Otherwise, try again later.


Sorry we missed you. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Hey! I’m with another client. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m free.


Hello, and I’m sorry I missed your call! I’ll reach out and discuss how I can help you when I’m available. Thank you!




Convert calls to text conversations.


Hey it’s [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. I use texting to provide better customer service, so feel free to text me anytime. Thanks!


Sorry we missed your call. Can I help you over text instead? You can ask about services, appointments, pricing, or anything else.


Hi there. [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] uses texting to provide better service. What can we do for you?


Thanks for calling [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. For convenience, you can respond to this message and we’ll connect via text.


Hello! I can’t talk at the moment. Would it be ok if we text instead?



Unplug on your off-hours.


Happy 4th! We are currently closed in observance of Independence Day and we will resume normal business hours again on 7/5/2021. 


Thanks for reaching out! We’re closed today for the 4th of July but will be available again tomorrow. 


Thank you for contacting [YOUR BUSINESS’ NAME]! We will be closing early today for the 4th of July. Our holiday hours are [ADD HOLIDAY HOURS] and we will resume normal business hours on 7/5/2021. 


Happy Fourth of July! I’ve turned off my phone to let freedom ring and I’ll get back to you tomorrow, 7/5/2021. Thank you! 


I’m currently out of the office in observance of Independence Day. However, please feel free to contact [NAME OF EMPLOYEE] with any immediate concerns and they will be able to assist you. 


Happy Holidays! We will be closed from [DATE] to [DATE], but we’ll see you again soon! 


I’m out of the office for the holidays, but I will be back on [RETURN DATE]. Take care!


Season’s greetings! We’re currently closed for the holidays. However, we’ll be open again on [RETURN DATE + TIME] and we hope to see you then!


Thanks for reaching out. I’m currently out of the office and away from my phone. I will be back on [RETURN DATE]. 


My normal office hours are [YOUR BUSINESS HOURS]. Please try back during that time. Thanks!


Thanks for contacting me. I’ll be on vacation from [START DATE] until [RETURN DATE]. For urgent matters, contact [CONTACT NAME + PHONE NUMBER].


Thanks for the call. Your business is important to me and I’ll respond as soon as I’m back at work.


I’m sorry, but [YOUR NAME] is currently away from the office. However, they will return on [RETURN DATE + TIME]. Please direct all inquiries to [CONTACT’S NAME] in the meantime. Thank you!



Share the business info they need.


Hi there, you’ve reached [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. For more info, visit [WEBSITE.COM].


Thanks for calling [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. To make an appointment or reservation, tap here:  [WEBSITE LINK]


Thanks for calling [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. We’re located at [YOUR BUSINESS ADDRESS]. Our hours are [BUSINESS HOURS].


Thanks for contacting us. Our [YOUR SERVICE] starts at [PRICE DETAILS]. Please click the link below for more details: [WEBSITE LINK]


We appreciate your interest! Please visit our Website to get started: [WEBSITE LINK]