Text Examples for Sales Professionals

Text Examples for Sales Professionals

Copy and paste from a library of top-performing Sideline Pro text examples for Sales professionals.

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Broadcast (SMS Marketing) Text Examples



Exclusive Offers:


This just in: We just added an exclusive offer on [PRODUCT] and I thought you should be the first to know.


Hi there. I wanted to follow up on the [PRODUCT] we discussed and share a special offer! Interested?


If you decide to move forward with [PRODUCT] before [END OF SALE], I can take 10% off.


Set up recurring payments by [DATE] and automatically save 15% off your total purchase.




Upcoming Sales Events:


Hurry in for our biggest sales event of the year. No interest for 18 months through [END OF SALE]!


LIMITED OFFER: Huge savings now through [END OF SALE]!


Save BIG this weekend at our annual sale—$1,500 rebate on all new vehicles!


We pay the sales tax through [END OF SALE]—hurry in today!


Our exclusive sale ends this [DAY OF WEEK]. Don’t miss out!


New Products and Inventory:


New models are now available! Schedule an appointment today: [YOUR SIDELINE PRO NUMBER]


See what’s new for 2021! [LINK]


New inventory just arrived! Get more details: [LINK]


New Arrivals—2021 inventory is in! Learn More [LINK]





Reminders Text Examples


Appointment Reminders:


Hey, [CUSTOMER NAME]. Just sending a reminder about our appointment at   [ADDRESS] on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please reply “YES” to confirm or call to reschedule. See you soon!


Reminder: You have an upcoming appointment with [YOUR NAME] at   [ADDRESS] on [DATE+TIME]. Please reply “YES” to confirm or call to reschedule.


You have an upcoming appointment with [YOUR NAME] from [NAME OF BUSINESS]. Reply “YES” to confirm, or call to reschedule.


Appointment Reminder: You’re scheduled to meet [YOUR NAME] at [ADDRESS] on [DATE+TIME]. Reply “Yes” to confirm, or reschedule your appointment on our website: [LINK]


Sales Events:


Reminder: Our sales event ends this weekend. Don’t miss out on huge savings!


Hey there! [YOUR NAME] from [NAME OF BUSINESS] here. Just wanted to let you know that we’re having a huge [DAY OF SALE]. If you’re still interested, I’m happy to help!


Win big at our annual sales event through [END OF SALE]! Get the details on   our website: [LINK]


Hey [CUSTOMER NAME]! We’re having a sales event this weekend. Feel free to call or stop by if you have any questions! [YOUR SIDELINE PRO NUMBER, BUSINESS ADDRESS]

Join us for our quarterly sales event from [START OF SALE] to [END OF SALE] or 0% APR!




Payments Reminders:


Reminder: Your first payment is due [DATE].


Payment Reminder: Your payment will be processed automatically on [DATE].


Courtesy Reminder: Payment for [SERVICE] is due on [DATE]. Please feel free   to call with any questions: [YOUR SIDELINE PRO NUMBER]


Hey [CUSTOMER NAME]. Please review the attached invoice. Payment for services rendered is due by [DATE]. We appreciate your business!




Auto-Reply Text Examples


Busy With Another Client:


Hey there! I’m currently unavailable, but I’ll call you as soon as I’m free. [YOUR   NAME, BUSINESS NAME]


Thanks for calling! I’m currently with a customer, but I’ll give you a call shortly.


Hello, this is [YOUR NAME] from [NAME OF BUSINESS]. I’m helping a customer right now, but I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


Sorry I missed your call! I’m currently with another customer, but I’ll reach out as soon as I can.


Auto-Reply from [YOUR NAME]: I’m currently with another customer, but I’ll be in touch with you in just a few minutes. I appreciate your patience!


Be Right With You:


Sorry I missed you! I’ll call you back in a few minutes when I’m free.


Hello, this is [YOUR NAME] from [NAME OF BUSINESS]. I’ll call you back in just a moment – thank you!


Hey, [CUSTOMER NAME]. Let me call you back in just a few minutes. Thank you!


Hey there! I’ll call you right back, I’m just finishing up with a customer.


Sorry for the delay – I’ll be available to speak to you in just a few minutes.


Outside of Business Hours:


I’m sorry, but you’ve reached me after business hours. Please call or text between the hours of [YOUR BUSINESS HOURS+DAYS] to reach me. Thank you!


Our current Business Hours are [YOUR BUSINESS HOURS+DAYS]. Please contact us again during those hours and we’ll be happy to assist you further.


I’m currently away from my office. My business hours are [YOUR BUSINESS   HOURS/DAYS] and I’ll be available to help you at that time. Thank you!


Hi, you’ve reached [YOUR NAME] from [NAME OF BUSINESS]. I’m currently unavailable, though you can reach me during my business hours:  [YOUR BUSINESS HOURS/DAYS]


You’ve reached me after Business Hours. Please reach out again between the hours of [TIME] and [TIME] on [DAYS]. Thank you!




Templates Text Examples



Lead Follow-Up:


Hey [CUSTOMER NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] from [NAME OF BUSINESS]. Did you receive my message last week? I just wanted to make sure you have everything you need.


Hi, [CUSTOMER NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] from [NAME OF BUSINESS]. It’s been a while! Are you still interested in [PRODUCT]?


Hey, [CUSTOMER NAME]. [YOUR NAME] here with [NAME OF BUSINESS]. I was hoping we could jump on a call next week to discuss the next steps. Is there a  time that works best for you?


Hello again, [CUSTOMER NAME]. If you have any questions about the information I sent you, please feel free to reach out to me directly: [YOUR SIDELINE PRO NUMBER]


Hi, [CUSTOMER NAME].  This is [YOUR NAME] from [NAME OF BUSINESS]. I just wanted to follow up and get your thoughts after our meeting. I’m available any time if you have questions: [YOUR SIDELINE PRO NUMBER]

Appointment Confirmations:


Your appointment is confirmed. Please feel free to call [YOUR SIDELINE PRO NUMBER] with any questions.


Your appointment is now confirmed – see you soon!


Appointment Confirmed. Please call [YOUR SIDELINE PRO NUMBER] to cancel or reschedule. Thank you!


Confirmed. Your Showing has been scheduled for [DATE+TIME]. See you soon!


Your Appointment with [YOUR NAME] is now confirmed – thank you!




Financing FAQs:

Please review our FAQ for answers to common questions about financing: [LINK]


Questions about financing are expected, so we’ve compiled some answers to the most frequently asked questions for your review. Please let me know if you need any additional details! [LINK]


If you’re wondering what the financing process looks like, please visit our website for a detailed FAQ: [LINK]. I’m always available to talk if you have any specific questions – [YOUR SIDELINE PRO NUMBER]


Hey, [CUSTOMER NAME]. I think this article will help to address some of your questions about the purchasing process: [LINK] Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.


Here’s some additional information about financing and leasing that you can look over: [LINK]




Referral Requests:


Congratulations on your new purchase! If any of your friends or family members are in the market, I would really appreciate your referral!


Hey [CUSTOMER NAME]! If you know anybody else who is looking for [SERVICE], it would be great to get your referral. Thank you, and congratulations!


I really enjoyed working with you! If you have any friends, family, or colleagues who are in the market, send them my way 🙂 You are truly a pleasure.


Hey, [CUSTOMER NAME]! We’re currently offering [VALUE] Amazon gift cards in exchange for your honest review. Visit my website to participate: [LINK]


If you have the opportunity, your referral would be very helpful. You’ve been amazing to work with and I would love to do business with more people like you!