Reminders Feature Guide

Reduce no-shows by up to 40% with automated text reminders.


Start Scheduling Text Reminders that Save You Time and Money

Reminders let you automate messages to customers and clients about their upcoming meetings and appointments. You can schedule them weeks or days before to ensure your customers get all the details they need at the right time.

Note: Some listed features are only available on iOS, with new features being added to Android soon.

Why Schedule Reminders?

Clients and customers don’t always write down, save, or remember their appointment details. Text reminders reduce no-shows by up to 40%—all while making you look professional. And fewer no-shows, means more income.

What to Send for Day-to-Day Success

Confirmation & Rescheduling Instructions

The default reminder message asks recipients to “Reply YES to confirm” their appointment date and time. But you can edit or remove this depending on your needs.

Appointment, Meeting, or Event Reminders

With your calendar events linked to Sideline Pro, you can add recipients to receive the text reminder, select the delivery timing, and let it work its magic.

Additional Details

Event times and dates are automatically added from your calendar, but you can also include your location, directions, parking info, or other relevant details.

Browse Reminder Text Examples

Using Reminders

Pro Tip: Sideline Pro automatically detects phone numbers in calendar events. So events created with your client and customer contact info save you the step of adding a recipient in your Sideline Pro contact list.