Use Smart Auto-Reply to Connect With More Customers

Use Smart Auto-Reply to Connect With More Customers

Set up your Business Profile and link it to a Smart Auto-Reply message to connect with more customers. That way, any time you miss a call, your customers will see your business hours, help themselves to your website, and schedule an appointment instead of searching for your competition. Note: Some listed features are only available on iOS, with new features being added to Android soon.

Business Profile

Give your customers everything they need, when they need it. Your Business Profile contains information that’s important to your customers—like website and appointment links, customer review links, hours of operation, and pricing details. Plus, you can add your own custom fields to suit your needs. The best part? You can make sure it gets delivered to your customers automatically every time you miss a call or text, with Smart Auto-Reply.


How to Set Up Your Business Profile

1. Tap the Settings icon
2. Tap Business Profile
3. Add your Business Logo
4. Fill in your Business information
5. Add Custom Info fields as needed

Smart Auto-Reply

Enable Smart Auto-Reply to connect with more customers. It’s simple. Every time you miss a call or text, that customer receives an Auto-Reply with your Business Profile included. Now they’ve got all of your information and you won’t lose their business, even if you’re not available at the moment.


How to Add Your Business Profile to Smart Auto-Reply Messages

1. Tap the Settings icon
2. Tap Auto-Reply to Calls or Texts
3. Tap Create New, or select an existing template
4. Customize your message
5. Tap Paste Business Profile Info

If you have any questions, our Support Team is always available to help.