Use Sideline To Optimize Your Square Payment Process

Use Sideline to Optimize Your Square Payment Process


Square does mobile payments. Sideline does mobile communications. Here’s how you can utilize them both to share the information that matters most with just a few taps.

Send Invoices with Ease
Avoid uncomfortable conversations by sending upcoming and outstanding invoices through text. Get started in 3 simple steps.


1.  Tap the “Share” icon in Square
2. Choose Sideline
3. Select a Recipient and Tap “Send”

Schedule Payments with Text Reminders
automated messages days, or even weeks in advance to ensure that your customers are prepared when payments are due. Check out our pre-written templates to save yourself some time.


See Reminder Templates

Confirm Payments with Text Shortcuts
Tired of typing out the same confirmation message? Try using Shortcuts to confirm payments instead.


See Shortcut Templates